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ONCE AGAIN TODAY, I pondered Thomas Blackshear’s moving art masterpiece above: “Forgiven.” And as, at this season, I reflect on why Jesus came to Earth, the artwork moved me to write the following words:

How can I do this horrific thing?

How can I raise the mallet and drive the spike?

And not just once—but every day.

And not just into wood—but through the hands and feet of the One who made me…

Who keeps my heart beating…

Who loves me no matter the darkness of my evil…

And no matter how often I’ve done this.

Who even now, in my utter sin exhaustion

Supports me in His strong arms…

And with the bleeding hands I wounded…

Yet whispers forgiveness…

And tells me that in His eyes,

I’m now as pure as the lilies that grow

Near the blood that flows from His feet.

That I’m forgiven—that my rebellion

Is once again no match for His love.