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WHY THE TITLE of this blog? Metaphorically speaking, I fear we self-absorbed humans tend to look at life, God, and the world around us through the wrong end of the telescope. Our end—not God’s.

We have the “micro” rather than the “macro” view. We see the trees but not so much the forest—the “Big Picture.” Even when it comes to our spirituality, we often think the most important issue—the highest priority—is our own salvation. One thing sin long ago did to us was make self-preservation and self-interest reflexive. I’d like to suggest there are larger issues that concern the God we worship.

When we at least try to look through the right end of the telescope, we see the cosmos at least a little more as God sees it. We see that in the overall vastness of the universe, this Earth borders on being insignificant—though in the context of the Great Controversy, Earth’s significance moves front and center. We can become so myopic sometimes that we lose sight of the fact that the universe doesn’t center on our personal concerns. It doesn’t center on what happens in Washington, D.C.—despite the fixation of the media. It doesn’t even center on the Church. And the universe certainly doesn’t center on or revolve around us!

In this blog, along with observations on a variety of topics, I also attempt to do some occasional keyboard thinking about how God might see things from His perspective. Make no mistake—God is too great, and His ways beyond my knowing—that I could ever presume to know any more of His mind than He has chosen to reveal. But I do know that when I look through my lens, it’s hopelessly warped with selfishness. When I try to see things more as God must see them, it opens exciting spiritual vistas for me.


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  1. Hey Ken! Appreciate what you’re doing here. Since you claim to have the largest blogroll on the net, you can, if you so choose, add my blog to your list, which I just started.

    God bless!



  2. Thanks for the comment, Shawn….and for the link to your blog, now added to the blogroll here. I guess I’ll continue to claim the largest blogroll unless/until I find a bigger one or someone successfully challenges me on it!


  3. Hey there

    Great blog! I just wanted to thank you for adding my blog/website to your list. Keep up the good work brother!

    In Jesus, the Solution,

    Edwin M. Cotto


  4. Ken,

    I totally agree. When we focus on God things fall into place. Our lives may not become “perfect,” but our priorities are on the right track.

    Please add my blog to your list.




  5. You’re now in the “Newly Discovered” bloglist, Grant. Thanks for the comment!

    I enjoyed the pix on your blog. GCA looks like a beautiful campus.


  6. You missed mine:

    30K individuals get the lessons each week.

    Would have thought that you did not consider them to be a “blog” since they are lessons I write each week – but noticed you have others which are essentially commentaries on the lesson.


    Bruce N. Cameron
    Reed Larson Professor of Labor Law
    Regent University School of Law


  7. Hi, Bruce….and thanks for your links here. My intent (and I will admit I may have made some mistakes in carrying it out) is to limit my blogroll to blogs only….not websites. Websites are mostly one-way, whereas blogs are interactive, providing for comments and feedback…and using a blog platform such as WordPress, Blogspot, TypePad, Xanga, or similar.

    You are probably right that I have inadvertently included some items in my blogroll that really aren’t blogs…and the next time I do a “Blog Potluck” update, I’ll try to locate and remove those.

    Rather than include yours and knowingly change my policy to begin including non-blogs, I’ll leave your comment here with the links intact. I’ll also mention your links in my next Blog Potluck, to give them added exposure.


  8. Posted by Lara on January 13, 2008 at 11:07 pm

    Call for Adventist Podcasts

    Inspired by this blog list, I’m currently compiling as complete a list as possible of Adventist podcasts around the U.S. Entries from overseas are also encouraged.

    If our trusty blogger here doesn’t mind posting this–please email podcast links to me at: I’m looking for current, regularly updated podcasts. Each podcast will be confirmed before posting.

    This podcast list is posted at Look on the right-hand side for “Adventist Podcasts.” Thanks all.


  9. Posted by Lara on January 28, 2008 at 12:04 am

    Your “Scribbles From the Journey” blogger in “Newly Discovered Adventist Blogs” has two other blogs also–“The Life of a Firefighter” (or something close) and “Perspectives on Spirituality.” They’re linked on his “Scribbles” blog.

    Don’t know if you break blogs out separately if they’re all linked and done by the same person. But there y’are.


  10. Gracias! I will add the “Firefighter” blog…but the “Perspectives” one hasn’t been updated since March of 2006…quite a bit outside my working policy of only including blogs with new posts within the past six months.


  11. Hi Ken,
    I don’t have a blog. I have a website, not the greatest looking but the most relevant ministry. We minister to some 50,000 weekly listeners through my radio program now we have added a new christian lifestyle magazine. Please add me to your roll. Hope to see you in Dallas this week my team and mics will be there.


  12. Hi, Nigel…

    Thanks for the comment. Please see, however, my own comment above in reply to Dr. Cameron, concerning my policy of adding only blogs to my blogroll.

    A mistake was made as your website link was typed in…so let me correct it here so anyone interested in visiting your website can find it:

    The correct address is – rather than

    All the best in your ministry!


  13. Posted by Lara on June 13, 2008 at 9:09 pm

    FYI–looks like the Busy Mommy of Four blog has been removed from Blogger.


  14. Sure enough. Deletion time. Thanks for the heads-up!


  15. Posted by wanida on November 19, 2008 at 3:06 pm

    here’s another blog. This one is in Icelandic


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