Blogroll, Anyone?

SINCE THE COUPLE OF YEARS that have elapsed following my launching of this blog, I’ve invested quite some time in assembling what—in the absence of any challenge to the contrary—I believe to be the largest Adventist blogroll on the Net.

Unfortunately, that’s time I no longer have to invest. So with this post, I’m inviting any Adventist readers who would like to offer taking it over and further developing it, to do so.

It’s in need at present of a review and update, to be sure all information is current. Sometimes blogs disappear. Other times, they change their names or URL addresses.

What I’m looking for is someone who would be willing to:

  • Do the review/update just mentioned.
  • Keep the blogroll current (with a suggested review of each entry at least once a month).
  • Engage in an ongoing search for new blogs to add (I can suggest how I’ve done this).

Now, I have my own chosen guidelines as to which blogs I include in the roll. I avoid church institutional blogs or those primarily with something to sell. I try to avoid the “MySpace, Facebook”–type blogs that are primarily personal “chat” forums. And I include primarily blogs by Adventists, though I have a few by former members in my roll.

Finally, I’ve periodically posted a “Blog Potluck”—a roundup of interesting items from the blogroll. Whether to continue this would be a decision left to the new “Blog Tender.”

If you are interested in taking on this project, leave a comment here with your name and email address. If I receive several offers, I’ll need to make a choice. Thanks in advance if you respond.


2 responses to this post.

  1. I am communications director for a “supporting” Adventist ministry, and I have a couple of personal blogs. But I’d rather NOT be known as Adventist in my professional or personal communications. I don’t identify my employer or my denomination in my blogs or Facebook because I speak my mind, not theirs, in my acres of cyberspace.

    I want to be accepted and included in the worldwide Body of Christ, not segregated into an Adventist corral (excluding the “non-Adventist” or “non-member” Philistines) because we have a corner on Truth. I have no patience for being censored (oops, I should have said ‘filtered’) for acceptability or denominational branding to those who won’t think for themselves.

    So although I enjoy work and fellowship with Adventists on a daily and weekly basis, and contribute time, money, and talent, I’m not interested in being Adventist-bar-coded, crated and stored away like the “Lost Ark” in a Lucas movie. Let me outta there!

    Interesting titles on that blogroll, though!


  2. As of today (October 30, 2009), I’m preparing to radically pare down my blogroll soon, and it will no longer be billed as “The Largest Adventist Blogroll on the Net.” Simply not enough time to maintain it. I’ll reduce the roll to just a few blogs I personally visit on a regular basis. Some of those will be Adventist blogs…but some may be blogs from other faith traditions.


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