Signs of the Times


ONE SURE THING ABOUT this sign: It’s original and startling enough to snag attention—and for a panhandler, that’s at least half the battle.

Some assorted thoughts about it:

  • It’s not really possible to hate someone who doesn’t exist—so there’s an Object to this fellow’s anger.
  • At least there’s no passive-aggression here. Mr. Panhandler, like King David on occasion, is right up front with how he feels about God the Son.
  • Mr. P. clearly has strong feelings about Jesus, but he may not realize just how strongly the feelings of Jesus run toward him. Truth is, there is nothing Mr. P. can do or say or think—ever—to make Jesus stop loving him.

Quite possibly, Mr. P.’s feelings of anger (as is so often the case with most of us), issues from hurt—from feeling that Jesus let him down. Then again, maybe his anger is connected more with THIS sign (a little hard-to-read…it says, “Jesus Is Coming to Kill Everybody Except for Born-Again Christians”):


Nothing like “witnessing” by telling lies about God!


2 responses to this post.

  1. These signs are not at all offensive to me. I just returned from an evening at Redlands Market Night, a street fair/farmers’ market held every Thursday. And every Thursday, there are Adventist nut cases there trying to thrust their “National Sunday Law” books into my hands. Not satisfied with Market Night efforts, they have packaged that book with “The Enemy Unmasked,” and tossed it in my driveway like an Avon catalog or bargains circular. (Haha. I drove over it twice before picking it up.)

    Not for them, a book or tract about the unconditional love of Jesus, who wants to be reconciled with His children. No, they are focused on chaos, destruction, and fear — not the glorious reunion at the Second Advent.

    Those people are doing just as much good for the SDA institution as a panhandler with a cardboard sign.


    • Chaos, destruction, and fear. Bulls-eye! I’m convinced that whether it’s an Adventist or any other Christian trying to scare the bejabbers out of people, their “witnessing” is driven by a deep fear of a God who doesn’t exist…a deity who will incinerate anyone whose beliefs or behavior is out of line. We know which fallen angel is behind that view of God. The only antidote for all this is what you pointed out: the unconditional love of Jesus.

      Thanks for your thoughts, Christy!


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