The Ultimate Botanist

SOMETIMES IT’S JUST A SMALL news item tucked away pages deep in a newspaper—or in some remote corner of the Internet—that gets me thinking about God. Case in point:

“Researchers at the University of Delaware have discovered that when the leaf of a plant is under attack by a pathogen, it can send out an S.O.S. to the roots for help, and the roots will respond by secreting an acid that brings beneficial bacteria to the rescue.”

Now not only is this infinitely cool—that plants have this automatic defense communications system—but no one can tell me that this sophisticated ability developed through evolution. Given the eons and ages evolution supposedly needs to get anything done, plants would be long extinct before their defense system was up and running.

It’s only the reasonable assumption, it seems to me, that the Creator of all living things built this system into the kingdom of plants.

But that’s not even the most amazing thing. It strikes me that plants quite likely did not routinely come under attack from pathogens until sin came along. If I’m right about that, then the Creator intervened after the entrance of sin, and in a supplemental act of creation, gave plants the fighting chance they’d need to survive in a hostile world for thousands of years.

Just thought I’d bring this up, so that next time you see an evergreen forest, enjoy a flower arrangement, or buy fruits and veggies, you’ll know who to thank.


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  1. I just discovered your blog today by Googling for Adventist bloggers. I was really surprised to see my blog on your blogroll!! Nice blog, I’ll be back, probably pretty close to daily:)


  2. Thanks, Rebecca. If you visit anywhere close to daily, you won’t find new posts that often…but feel free to browse the nearly 130 posts already available here. And for sure, check the many other great blogs in the main blogroll and the “newly discovered” list. Finally, you may enjoy sampling the several “Blog Potluck” roundups under the top tab.


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