At Long Last—a Fresh “Blog Potluck”

YOU LEAVE A GARDEN untended for a few months, and it turns into a total weed-patch. Same thing happens to a blog! Busy year for me, and I haven’t updated my blogroll or posted a new Blog Potluck (until today) since January! (See the “Blog Potluck” tab above.)

Meanwhile, the blog-weeds nearly took the place over! So I’ve finally cleaned up the Blogroll. It’s STILL the largest Adventist blogroll, to my knowledge, but for now, quite a bit smaller. I’ve added 12 “newly discovered” blogs, but have also for various reasons had to delete 71—some for going too long without a post (my removal date is six months), some that have been taken down, and some that have gone to private-only status. See today’s new Blog Potluck for the Goodbye List.

Soon, now that the blogroll is up to date, I hope to go find some new ones to fill the empty spaces. If you know of any I don’t have, send me a link.


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