Makeover Time

YOU KNOW HOW IT IS: After living with the couch over there and the chair in this other corner for a while, you get tired of the arrangement and feel the need to move everything around. You don’t? Well, then you’re from a different tribe of Israel than I am—since I’m something of a “change” junkie.

So I’m getting restless with the “look” of this blog. And first step in a makeover is choosing a new WordPress theme. After a year and a half of “Misty Look,” I’ve changed over with this post to “Press Row.” I reserve the right to change again if this one doesn’t wear well.

Also, a new header, composed of a fish-eye-lens view of the observatory interior of the mighty 200-inch Hale telescope on Mount Palomar in Southern California, with typography in Mason Sans Bold (for those who care about such things).

It’s been a busy few months for my editorial services business, and I haven’t spent much time on the blog here for a while. Maybe only one or two posts a month….and it’s been ages now since I’ve updated the blogroll or posted a new “blog potluck”—sorry ’bout that, friends and neighbors. But my intention is soon to remedy both of those neglected areas.

Also, perhaps I’ll come up with some outrageously controversial topic to post that will pique or provoke.



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