Bees, Ice, and a Groaning Earth

PLENTY OFTEN AS A KID, I heard that the world would likely end at the second coming of Christ, even before I could finish school.

Back in those Happy Days 50s, the world was a vastly different place than it has now become. The imminence of the world’s end was more an article of faith than a conclusion based on much real evidence.

Ironically, even as my church—weary of waiting—seems focused on many other things than the second advent, the evidence, for those with eyes to see, is growing from a trickle to a tsunami.

Romans 8 talks about the entire creation, the whole earth, groaning as it waits for deliverance at the return of Jesus. And the groaning, for those with ears to hear, is growing from a whisper to a whirlwind.

Just this week, I’ve read two stories that should cause—no, not panic—but sober realization that our remaining days on this dying planet are truly numbered.

Consider the bees. At least one reason world food prices, according to the World Bank, have risen by 83 percent in the past three years (surely at least that has been noticed) is the rapidly accelerating die-out of honeybees worldwide in a malady called Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD).

Without the pollination of the bees, no food can grow. In 2007, beekeepers lost 31 percent of their colonies. This year, it’s already up to 36 percent.

Albert Einstein once said that if the bees were to die out entirely, the human race would follow them to oblivion within four years.

Theorized causes for CCD range from pesticides and herbicides to cell phone waves, environmental contamination, and aggressive new parasites or pathogens.

But whatever the cause, no solution seems yet in sight, and as usual, nothing is likely to be done about it until, like our currently out-of-control gas prices, food prices too double, triple, and quadruple.

Consider too the polar ice cap. This week scientists predict that this year for the first time in the memory and records of those alive today, the ice cap at the north pole is likely to melt away entirely.

Polar bears are in danger of extinction. World sea levels are rising. Strange weather extremes and anomalies are becoming commonplace. Some scoff that Global Warming is a myth—that it’s a political invention. But for me at least, ignoring solid scientific evidence is not just denial, it’s self-destructive insanity.

Something IS happening to the planet to cause melting ice caps and rising seas. To deny that much is to join with the flat-earthers and those who believe the moon landings were filmed on a Hollywood back lot.

Bees. Ice. A groaning earth.

And all this leaves to be added—as signs of a world gasping its last—the raging violence and ethnic cleansing and terrorism of the world. It leaves to be added the steady abandonment of our Constitution and personal freedoms in the name of national security.

It leaves to be added the foul cesspool of societal norms and standards. It leaves to be added the increasing efforts of rigid religionists to legislate and compel from the outside rather than encourage transformation from the inside.

It would seem to me that we’re witnessing such a rapid convergence of pre-Advent signs that it’s no time to be apathetic, skeptical, or doubtful.

“In the last days scoffers will come . . . . They will say, ‘What happened to the promise that Jesus is coming again?’” 2 Peter 3:3, 4, NLT.

Let’s just be sure that the scoffers don’t include US.


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  1. Posted by Lara on July 4, 2008 at 2:01 pm

    You’ve been following the bees too? Great to read about it here–I’m not the only one becoming alarmed by the far-more-immediate-than-people-think implications of these issues.

    Not only are we looking at some drastic changes in our daily lives (would we recognize them in 10 years?–will we look back to today and long for the good old days?), we’re looking at a new immediacy to the message of Christ’s coming.


  2. Agreed. No time, this, to be too preoccupied or distracted or apathetic to . . . notice.


  3. Hello Ken,

    I just found your blog, and liked this comment on the bees, seas and the groaning earth. It surely is all happening as you have said. And to know that the Protestant churches have nearly all turned to the Pope for spiritual guidance, and that there are many in the church who are so calm about the whole thing surely tells me that time is short. My older granddaughter told me something that broke my heart and at the same time keeps her in my prayers even more than ever.

    She said, “I have been told all my life (all of 30 years) that Jesus is coming soon. Well He has not come yet. So I figure that when he comes, he will come. If I’m not ready, I’ll just burn up and be nothing but ashes and won’t know anything from then on.” She and her husband have a darling 19 month old boy and another one on the way. What is she thinking? Her husband became very upset with the church at Berrien Springs for nearly disfellowshipping his father who teaches there, and he wants nothing to do with the church. I can hear his words coming through the granddaughter’s mouth now days. Swear words, words of indifference, and never a mention of going to church or wishing she could now. She goes shopping on the Sabbath and never makes mention of any type of guilt. Makes me so sad, but I can’t do anything but love her and keep her in my prayers.

    Your comment on the mountains has a double sword. I love mountains, the bigger the better – literal mountains. I’ve had many mountains (the figurative type) all my life and God just helps me over them. I don’t mind them as I know He, and He, and He will get me over them. I have that much faith. Now that I’m nearly totally disabled and spend much of my time watching 3ABN and Hope Channel, I have no worries. I put all my faith in Jesus, our Savior, that I am saved, I am forgiven and I will get there one way or the other, meaning dead or alive. The crucifixtion did not kill him, he gave his life for all sinners. Sin is what killed him, and his love for all sinners. Isn’t that amazing! He could have come down from that cross at any time, and forgotten all about us and gone back to Heaven. Never has a man (God) had so much love for anyone in His life. I am constantly more and more amazed at how wonderful God is, and how much He loves us. I’m going to be there. All we have to do is confess our sins and accept Christ’s sacrifice for us. He gives us faith, and when we see how much he loves us, we will do all in our power to return that love any way we can!

    Have a good Sabbath and remember – you are in my prayers also.



  4. Thanks for sharing your thoughts here, Lorayn.


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