Lessons From a Desert Island

THE YEAR WAS 2000. I was still working my way out of a long tunnel of cancer treatment: surgeries, chemo, and radiation.

A movie came out that year—one that inspired me enough I had to purchase it to view again—which by now, I’ve done many times.

One line in particular seemed to sum up a word that had helped me get through the worst of it. A word that has surfaced again in this election year. The word? Hope.

You can survive most anything as long as hope remains. When that runs out, all is lost. That’s why I bought “Cast Away”—the story of a man stranded on a desert island who survived with ingenuity and hope.

The line that I found so helpful that I printed it out to post on my office bulletin board?

“I know what I have to do now,” Hanks’ character said. “I have to keep breathing, because tomorrow the sun will rise. And you never know what the tide could bring.”

No matter how dark things look today, tomorrow is a new day. And as tomorrow’s tide rolls in, you just never know what it could bring to your feet. So hold tight to hope.

New chances. Healing of body or heart. A fresh start. New love. Success to offset a failure. A sweet serendipity. Unexpected blessings. A small miracle or a life-changing event.

With tomorrow’s rising sun, with tomorrow’s incoming tide, you just never know!


2 responses to this post.

  1. Hi Ken
    Happy that I ran across your blogsite… lots to read! Would you mind adding my blog to your blogroll? It’s “Amazing Prophecies for the Comox Valley” http://cvmap.blogspot.com Thanks!


    p.s. I’ll link you to my blog…


  2. Thanks, Cynthia. You’re now in the “Newly Discovered” bloglist. Thanks for the reciprocal link, as well!


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