Oprah Drinks the New Age Kool-Aid


SHE’S A PHENOMENON. The wealthiest woman in entertainment. Her name is known world-wide. When she picks an entry for her Book Club, it rockets to the top of best seller lists. If she mentions a product on her show, it’s quickly out of stock in the stores. And it’s safe to say that her endorsement of Barack Obama hasn’t done him any lasting harm, either.

Along with millions of others, I admire Oprah for a lot of things: her rags-to-riches personal story, her school for girls in Africa, her philanthropy, the attention she focuses on worthy causes, and so much more.

So as a Christian, I’m saddened and concerned by her enthusiastic embrace of New Age philosophy.*

Oprah is a big fan of New Age teachings and on her show has boosted the visibility of her personal friend and one of the leading New Age teachers—Marianne Williamson—known for her New Age curriculum entitled “A Course in Miracles.” Williamson claims that the Course was “dictated” to channeler Helen Schucman in 1977 by her spirit guide, who claimed to be “Jesus.”

Beginning a few weeks ago on her XM Satellite Radio program “Oprah and Friends,” Oprah has begun offering Williamson’s course—a lesson a day for the entire year of 2008.

This New Age course turns Christianity upside down. Some examples:

  • Lesson #29 asks you to go through your day affirming that “God is in everything I see.”
  • Lesson #61 tells each person to repeat the affirmation “I am the light of the world.”
  • Lesson #70 teaches the student to say and believe “My salvation comes from me.”

Other teachings of the Course include:

  • There is no sin.
  • There is no guilt in you. Your calling is to devote yourself to the denial of guilt.
  • A slain Christ has no meaning.
  • A journey to the Cross is a useless journey.
  • Clinging to the Old Rugged Cross is a pathetic error.
  • The name Jesus is simply a symbol of any of the many gods to whom you pray.
  • The recognition of God is the recognition of yourself.

Matthew 24 contains clear, unequivocal warnings about false teachers, false teachings, and false Christs in the final days of Earth.

No sin. No guilt. You are your own God. Do I hear the echoes of a serpent’s words in Eden?

Yes, it’s sad, tragic, and alarming that Oprah seems eager to drink the devil’s lethal Kool-Aid® and encourage millions of others to do the same.

It’s also sad to consider the unrealized, global power and influence she could have, were she to become as enthusiastic about biblical truth as she is about the humanistic philosophy that denies it.

(*For more information, read this article by Warren Smith.)


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  1. I can understand why several of the points above would cause some Christians concern.

    There are a few I think are valid however, particularly

    “Lesson #29 asks you to go through your day affirming that “God is in everything I see.”


    “The recognition of God is the recognition of yourself.”

    If God is omni-present, a trait I believe Chrisitanity assigns to Him, why is it unreasonable to see Him in everything?

    Also, if God created us, why is it unreasonable to believe that part of Him survives in us? A part we can recognize?


  2. Thanks for your thoughtful comments, Jerome.

    I too believe in God’s omnipresence, as most Christians probably do. However, the pantheistic tendency of humanistic New Age teaching confuses God with His creation, essentially equating the two, so that God isn’t just near at hand, but that instead, everything around us literally “is” God: our car is a part of—a manifestation of—God, or our computer, our toothbrush. Little practical difference exists between this philosophy and that of the superstitious jungle dweller who worships a tree, or the ancients who worshiped cattle or the sun.

    As absurd as this may sound, this is in fact the only logical conclusion one can reach after reading the full teaching of New Age “doctrine.”

    Again, while we are individually expressions of God’s creative power and carry within us the life force that derives solely from Him, that does not make us divine in essence, which is where New Age teaching leads. We are the created….He is the Creator….and the two are not identical. We are made, the Bible says, “in the image” of God. But that does not make us God….or gods.

    In Eden, the devil promised, “You shall be as God.” He’s still peddling the same lie, but in supposedly sophisticated 21st-century New Age wrapping.


  3. Ken,

    Thanks for your explanations.

    I’m what most Christians would call a “New Ager,” and I think equating God with a car or toothbrush is definitely ridiculous. Truthfully, I have a hard time believing there are many out there (“New Ager” or otherwise) who truly have this view (but I could be wrong).

    Regarding “the pantheistic tendency” you spoke of, my impression of “New Age doctrine” is that it more encourages a panentheistic view of Divinity than a pantheistic one. (Boiled down, panentheism is the belief that the Divine is both omni-present as well as a distinct entity.)

    As an aside, there’s really nothing “New Age” about panentheism or pantheism. The belief systems of many of the world’s indigenous peoples (and even Albert Einstein) could be described as one or the other.

    All else aside, let me say again that I understand why “A Course in Miracles” would concern you. Thank you for the conversation. 🙂


  4. Thanks again, Jerome.

    Not all New Age teaching equates the Creator and His creation. But much of it does…and that can easily be found in many of its books and courses.

    Thank you too for the dialogue, Jerome. All the best to both of us as we seek truth….and especially, the Truth.


  5. It is so easy to believe something that sounds good; even easier to believe something a person we trust believes. It seems to me that all of us want to be God, or at least to be a mirror image of God. It’s not our nature to long for a humble heart or to recognize the sickness of our sinful nature so that we can be healed by the sinless Christ.


  6. Good observations, JG. I’ve always been mystified by the human tendency to be more willing to listen to and follow preachers, politicians, celebrities, therapists, or even our own opinions and “wisdom,” in preference to listening to and following Jesus. One of the sad symptoms of the virus of sin.


  7. Posted by Lou Eagle on March 6, 2008 at 8:19 pm

    Such timely information and discussion. It really boils down to Jesus 3 temptations in the desert where Satan tried to decieve him. Satan both quoted the word and offered the world – which he can-but Jesus gave us our reply by being the Word which He is and quoting the truth of the Word in context of Truth. We can not even say that we chose Jesus, but that He chose us and we accepted His choice of us which allows us to receive the Holy Spirit in us. This New Age Phylosophy is directly from Satan and as B.J. Thomas so apptly put it in his song ” SATAN YOU’RE A LIAR”. I too am saddened that Ophra, with such a platform to present the true Jesus that she grew up with and He who has stood by her all these years would now be cast aside for a book of feelings and religion. We as Christians are not RELIGIOUS we are Believers in the Truth, The Light and The Way and all of the other things are then added into us. Yes we have God in us as Christians, but we are not God we are Children of the Light who is Jesus and the only thing we have done is made the right choice to believe in the Salvation that only HE could provide.


    May God Bless all who read this. And may we all be EAGLE Christians lifting both our wings in Prayer and Praise to the ONE TRUE GOD our Lord Jesus Christ.


  8. Thanks, Lou. Appreciate your comment!


  9. Thanks for your post, I listened to Oprah’s first webinar with Tolle’s new book, A New Earth, and I posted on how Oprah has transcended from talk show host to uber-evangelist.

    you can go to my blog Provocative Church to get the link for the article:



  10. Thanks for the comment, Pastor Bill. And also for your own post the link you provided. I recommend it to any readers of this blog.

    Jesus and His truth just can’t be “reconciled,” “synthesized,” “watered down,” “harmonized,” “blended,” “redefined,” “reinterpreted,” “supplemented,” or “modified” with or by any human belief systems.

    God’s truth is the source, the ultimate, and is alone without error. Truth humans propose is a faint derivative echo or pale imitation at best…a counterfeit riddled with error at worst.


  11. Agree generally overall that people are mislead to believe that if God resides in them thus they are righteous or have much spiritual power or the rights to incorporate from within. Just like when Oprah stated that there are many paths to God and/or Jesus is not the only way. It leads folks to believe their way is okay, whatever their lifestyle is, they are still part of God.
    Part of their statements are correct though, God does dwell in all things and we should see God in them. Problem that the secular or irreverant souls and Laodicean mindset interpret these phrases incorrectly…as you have stated. Same concept with Oprah’s statement above, God reaches all souls and comes down to every level so the path to Him is not just one sole path, Christ Jesus. Once again folks do not interpret it so.
    My deep study as a fellow SDA leader is that folks like Tolle, Oprah and New Age take verses and spiritual concepts in Scripture incorrectly. Their intentions are good and have the heart of their followers in the right path but like loving parents they appease their children-followers in order to gain their support or approval. Not recognizing the Kool-Aid they are drinking like you said.
    The hard thing that I am digesting and do pray or give your opinion, there is much truth in the books that Tolle wrote. We do need to come to a conscious awakening to the presence of now, Jesus and Scripture keep emphasing to not worry about tomorrow or the past (can provide a dozen verses). The power of now or Meditating is coming into a rest and quietness so the Holy Spirit, our angel(s) and spirit of God and Christ Jesus can speak to us–state of no thoughts.
    One huge concept in which our church and Evangelical christians is that we do not bring Scripture or spiritual concepts or what Christ is trying to reveal, within or a deeper spiritual level. Like peeling an onion, the church is a congregation of individuals but it points to individuals & within also, churches do not go to heaven, people do. Another example, the Hebrew and Heavenly Sanctuaries are powerful object lessons in preparing and teaching of the third Sanctuary, individual; ‘Know ye not that your body is the temple of the holy ghost’?
    Our Laodicea state has blinded us in not completing what EG White has stated as the full truth or complete bible at the time of the end. Feel real sad that our SDA church has not fully interpretated the rich verses of Christ & Scripture to a deeper layer or personal level within…some of us have and many more will as prophecy states. Amazes me that spiritual leaders like Tolle see the deeper insight, in the psychology of the mind but sad that he combines truth with error and provide it as Kool-Aide to the masses & indoctrinating the masses more than we are…2 million+ on every Monday series.
    Guess this is what Spiritualism is about but as leaders or followers we need to study their message to be able to extract the truth from error…to help their and our flock. Like eastern religions their form of meditation like Yoga teaches how to tap into our spiritual or commune with God but most of their beliefs are pagan. Yes, even the most elect will be mis-guided, we truely have to me careful in being misguided by such intellects like Tolle or Oprah, the feel good religion.
    Am currently creating a study on quotes of Christ and other verses and their deeper spiritual meaning of individuals and/or personal walk and connection with God. Like the Church, Sanctuary/Temple, Kingdom of God is within, so forth, you are welcome to it if you want. Believe Prophecy & who the antichrist or enemy is important but more important is who we are within or how to tap into it…like how to have a personal relationship with spirit of life in Christ, Holy Spirit, our angel and how the mind, character and personality functions to become stronger for the end time battle or persecution.


  12. Hello there George I love your passion also your desire to understand & interpret, however iif you would indulge me for a moment I can definitely clear these concepts up for you. It’s simply a matter of applying the word of God correctly & just as important in context! The core problem goes way beyond merely a laodicean mindset, it ultimately boils down to the spiritual condition. You see when you receive the regeneration of your spirit (Are Born Again) by the spirit of God, [not the angel(s)] the truth becomes crystal clear & simple. Jesus put it this way “The Gospel Is So Simple A Child Can Receive It”. He also said “You must become as one of these little children or you will by no means enter in”. Meaning that you must simply follow, trust, & totally depend on & trust in Him alone like a little child does it’s parent. It’s not about self or any thing in you as a matter of fact the bible says that “In man dwells no good thing” We can’t ever ever attain any spiritual benefit or maturity by looking within us, there’s nothing there. Yes it’s true God did create us in His image but like Ken rightly stated in an earlier article God is the Creator & were merely the creation you see so we are finite where God is infinate & sovern. No offence intended but I have to share something with you. You refered to E.G White earlier in your letter, well this woman was so burdened down with legalism all the do’s & dont’s it must of stunted her spiritual growth tremendously. That would definitely explain her teachings. My heart just breaks for all of you 7 day adv don’t get me wrong I would never try to say who is saved & who’s not but the unnecessary legal burdens you guys put on yourselves will continually prevent you from ever experiencing the liberty & the fullness of Gods grace. I’ll always contjnue to pray for all of my 7 day adv brothers. God bless you!


  13. I don’t have time to address all of the veiws you posted but I hope that helps, & if I offended you that wasn’t my intentions. However the truth does offend which points out one of the main resons people object the gospel (truth). Remember Jesus did say that ” The gospel is an offence to those that are perishing” (Dying in your sins)..


  14. Don’t know, James, if you are addressing me…or George, who commented some time ago. But as a lifelong Adventist, while I certainly can’t agree with your view of my church, I can still welcome you as a brother in Christ. In fact, you and I could be more than just brothers. My mother’s maiden name was Cole!


  15. Hi there Ken I’m both amused & appreciated by your comments, also I was addressing George that’s why I started my letter off “hello there George”. I’m only kidding just thought I’d throw a little sarcasm in to mix it up a bit. I too totally welcome yo as a brother & I’ll reinnerate again my desire not to offend George or yourself my dear brother. In regards to us being family, well my decendants are from Dallas. largely the Ocliff area also west Dallas ect.. ect. You just never know cause It really is a very small world.


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