On Driving Straight Into a New-Age Fogbank

YOU KNOW WHAT? I HAPPEN TO really, really enjoy New Age music. It is peaceful, soothing, and when it’s there in the background, seems to stimulate or enhance creativity.

But it’s partly in connection with that word creativity that I have to part ways with New Age philosophy. Truth is, I wish New Age music had some other name, because it’s too beautiful to be linked to New Age teaching—which I couldn’t ever buy into even if they threatened me with extended waterboarding lessons at Guantanamo.

Notice this excerpt from a post I found today on one of the Internet’s most-read blogs:

“In fact, it is the very nature of the Self to create. You are imbued with infinite creative potential. . . . Creativity is the essence of divinity. As you awaken to your true divine nature, you can access the vast creative power inherent in the heart of your being.”

Now, see, I can agree that God, as the Creator, gave to each of us the gift of creativity. I also believe that through His Spirit, God wants to dwell in us—in some mysterious way to actually indwell our minds and change us from the inside out.

Where I part ways with the New Agers is that they teach we are creative because we are inherently divine—and need only to discover our natural, inborn divinity in order to accomplish a lot of divine things.

Often as I peruse a bit of New Age information, I ask myself why—if this philosophy is presumably so divine and heavenly—it comes across as such utter, nonsensical gobbledygook!

Read this from the same blog post—and if you understand it, please send me the translation!

“Creation is not about attracting objects to you, it’s about entering the Divine Mind which holds all things simultaneously in indistinguishable unity. Here you are non-different from that which you desire to create. Thought and form are inseparable, an idea and its physical expression are indivisible. By collapsing subject and object, you become infinite. Now, the true yogic secret is revealed: if you drop a single thought into the thought-free Divine Mind, it will have atomic power to manifest.”

SAY WHAT???!!!

Can it perhaps be that when human beings begin to fancy themselves as being inherently divine, rather than becoming more creative and precise, they become hopelessly confused and confusing? Can it perhaps be that in attempting to sound sophisticated and hyper-intellectual, they instead come across more like kindergarten children creating a hodge-podge of words out of letter blocks?

I still enjoy New Age music—probably always will. But deliver me from its pretentious, esoteric philosophy!



2 responses to this post.

  1. “Thought and form are inseparable, an idea and its physical expression are indivisible.”

    Ken, artists, athletes and a lot of successful people sometimes, it is said, see their new desired reality as though it already existed.

    When talk is made about the divine mind, I imagine it alludes to the fact that before God created something, it already existed in his mind as though it already was. The only difference being in carrying out the perfect conception of what he envisioned perfectly to its logical conclusion, its actual manifestation.

    People like Edison had to fully conceive beforehand that something as unlikely as the electric light bulb could exist. He saw it in his mind, and though it took him endless attempts to realize the vision he had in his mind, he eventually believed in it enough to make it a palpable reality. For him and others, it could truly be said that “thought and form are inseparable.”

    All the best.


  2. Thanks, Raul. It’s true that I can understand “some” of what the cited writer was saying, though parts of it are a challenge. This part, I do understand and can agree with the concept.

    And if I were to labor for a while to decipher the entire statement, I could likely come up with a decent “translation.”

    As one who does editing for a living, I’m tolerant of murky writing, to a point. But it’s difficult to accept it from those who present themselves as educated and uniquely wise.


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