Hurtling Through 2008, One Resolution in Hand

WELL, THIS HAS BEEN the longest stretch I’ve gone without posting here, and since none of you are asking, I’ll tell you what’s been going on anyway!

Last month, I made a flying West Coast loop over the holidays to visit my offspring—scattered between California, Washington, and Idaho—and thoroughly enjoyed my time with two daughters and a son, their spouses, and four grandchildren, one of whom I hadn’t yet met.

Ready or not, here we are firmly into a new year. When the big ball drops in Times Square ushering in January 1, 2009, a lot will have happened. Less than three weeks later, a new president will be inaugurated here in the U.S. By New Year’s Day 2009, the Grim Reaper will have made off with millions more who are now alive—most of whose names are unknown to the world; a few whose names and faces are familiar all over the globe.

What new disasters will make the list of this coming December’s Top-Ten news stories of 2008? Will gas be somewhere between $4 and $5 a gallon in this country? Will the body count still be rising in Iraq? What new wars will have flared up by the time this year ends?

But perhaps more important than world developments to most of us is the question of what 2008 will bring to us personally. Will we have realized at least some of our personal goals or resolutions? As we take stock this December 31, will we be able to say that we’ve improved in our health, relationships, finances, and perhaps most important—in our knowledge of God?

The well-over 300 new remaining pages that stretch ahead of us are there for us to write on. And what we write is not beyond our control. Some small part of it may be, but most of it will be what we CHOOSE to write. The sovereign power of choice God has given to each of us can transform our lives in ways so profound they are breathtaking.

So for myself, 2008 has just one Resolution: Make Better Choices.

I’ll let you know in late December just how well that worked out.


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