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FROM THE LAUNCH of this blog, it’s been my hope and intent to assemble the most complete and comprehensive list, roll, or directory of Adventist blogs available. I guess we all collect things. As a kid, I built a net and collected butterflies—everything from Lorquin’s Admirals and Monarchs to Fritillaries and Swallowtails. Even won a blue ribbon at the Douglas County Fair in Roseburg, Oregon, for my collection. But I digress.

So I guess it’s my collecting instinct that’s led to pulling this site’s blogroll together. Early on, new entries came fast, but more recently, growth of the blogroll has slowed. It stands currently at about 250 entries—give or take—and to my knowledge, remains the largest of its kind. This, despite the regular pruning of blogs from the list that haven’t posted in at least six months, each time I add an updated Blog Potluck.

My sense of things is that I’m beginning to test the extent of the active Adventist blogosphere. It’s also my guess that were I to change my approach and add blogs not in English and those operated by all the church organizational entities and independent ministries I could find, the list could roughly double.

If you know of blogs not yet on the list that you think should be, your suggestions would be welcomed.

Someday soon perhaps, like Julius Nam at Progressive Adventism, who recently “downshifted” time spent on his site, I too may find that time constraints force me to scale back on time focused on the Blogroll portion of this site. Maybe in time, I’ll find someone who would like to transfer it to his/her own site, take it over, and continue developing it. Against that day, if you’d like to volunteer so I can keep you in mind, let me know.


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  1. How do you define an SDA blog? You seem to have blogs (1) about Adventism and (2) blogs by Adventists that aren’t necessarily about Adventism. There must be hundreds more in the second category, so my guess is you’re looking for the former category.


  2. Thanks for the questions, Jeff. My goal is to include blogs BY Adventists. When I discover a new blog….sometimes by “gleaning” it from other blogrolls, but more often by keyword searches on such blog search sites as Technorati or Bloglines…I often read quite a lot of its content, till something is said that tips me that it is highly likely written by an Adventist.

    For example, I may find a reference to “during Sabbath School last Sabbath,” or “as an Adventist,” or “I’m taking pre-med here at PUC”…that sort of thing.

    I may have inadvertently included some blogs ABOUT Adventists rather than by one, but my intent has been to keep the blogroll to those created by members of the church.

    Even in the second category, though, I have made some arbitrary choices about what to exclude. I try not to include sites that are by official church entities (local churches, for example) or supporting ministries. And social-networking blogs that focus mostly on light “chat,” I also avoid including.

    Hope this helps.


  3. You can’t imagine how important your blogroll has become. Whenever I’m in an adventurous mood, like now, and come to your blogroll to search to see if something new will catch my eye or visit an old friend whose url I’ve misplaced, I never think of a time when this feature will cease to exist.

    I used to go to progressiveadventism.com a lot, until it dropped its blogroll. I go there now when the spectrum blog doesn’t delight me on the off week.

    And finally, I come to your site to explore Adventist blogs ad infinitum.

    If no one else will take over your excellent blogroll, you can count on me and, even though my new job takes more of my leisure time away than I’d like it to, I think someone should continue this Adventist blogroll tradition. Maybe that will be my Sabbath service on Sabbaths when I’m not at work.

    Additionally, I could search and evaluate Spanish language blogs and have a Spanish sda blog section, as well.

    If time allowed I could add a small French and portugeuse section to make it a multi-lingual listing.

    I must say you are thorough. I accidentally found one of my blogs that I’ve not had the vision to turn into something truer to its original intentions.

    I wonder if you have guidelines as to when something no longer qualifies.

    If Google’s database is forever, and its blogger repository almost as long-lived, how important this blogroll will become decades from now for those doing research or curious about the blog posts and comments that contributed to Adventism 2.0 in the early 21st century.

    Thanks again.


  4. Thanks, Raul!

    And if keeping up the blogroll overwhelms my available time in the future, I’ll certainly remember your kind offer here!

    Now, since I speak/read English only and therefore can’t really evaluate non-English blogs, I’d certainly encourage you to consider developing THE definitive Adventist blogroll for other languages.

    My personal rule of thumb is that each time I post a new “Blog Potluck,” I prune out all blogs that haven’t had a post in the previous six months. At the same time, I try to update blogs that have changed their names or URLs.

    Thanks for your comment…and for your own blogs.


  5. I am so happy that I found your blogroll of other SDA blogs. I only know of a few. I was about to share the ones I know of, and sure enough you already had them. ;0) You are good!! I can’t wait until I have a little more time to go through them. Thanks again. Have a great Sabbath.


  6. Thanks, Shereen. One of these days, I want to do a “Blog Potluck” that features the many home/home-schooling sites like yours. There are several others I’ve visited that are not yet on my blogroll….but I’ve been unable to determine whether or not they are created by Adventists or not.


  7. lol I’m still here perusing. I really should be in bed. (12:00 my time) I will have about 20 high energy 0 to 4 year olds to teach SS to in the morning. That would be great if you ever get around to doing a home/homeschooling post. I was actually going to send your blog address to my SDA homeschooling group, being that you have some of them on here already. I’ll be sharing it with my beloved as well. Thanks again for the wealth of info. I’m actually the owner of an SDA blogring. It’s “SDA blogs” If I ever had the time, I would leave a comment at all of the blogs on your blogroll asking them if they would like to join. It would be neat to be able to go from one blog to the other through the link. Mine is on my bottom right-hand column.


  8. Anything you can do to bring some new blogs to my attention so I can expand the blogroll here, would be greatly appreciated!


  9. I appreciate your link back to my http://www.great-controversy-movie.com/blog

    Sometimes i wonder if anybody ever notices it……..

    And now i see that there are at least 270 blogs by/about SDAs – nice 🙂

    Look up to Jesus!


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