“What I Gotta Do to Make God Happy?”

RAN ACROSS A FORUM on the Topix news service for Adventists to discuss things together, and found a thread that began with a post titled, “You Better Work Hard to be Saved!” The post began as follows:

“If you receive Christ as your Saviour, only your past sins, up to that moment are forgiven. Now you must get to work to earn your salvation.”

It’s a good thing the Apostle Paul isn’t still with us, or he’d be appalled that after nearly 2000 years, the false gospel—the one he wrote the books of Galatians and Romans to oppose—is still around. So would Martin Luther

We EARN our salvation? Forgiveness only covers PAST sins?

Somebody replied to the above forum post with this:

“What work I gotta do to make God happy?”

Tell you what. If I truly believed this version of the “gospel,” I’d toss Christianity in a heartbeat. I’d be racing to sign up with American Atheists to lend a hand. I’d do what Jo Dee Messina sings about in her song “Bye, Bye”:

Bye, Bye…I’ll catch you later
Got a lead foot down on my accelerator
and the rearview mirror torn off
I ain’t never lookin’ back
And that’s a fact.

But I’m quite sure my rearview mirror is safe, because if I read my Bible right, I don’t earn or work for my salvation—and forgiveness covers not just every sin I ever have committed—but every sin I ever will commit. My salvation was accomplished nearly 2000 years before I was born.

Yes, I believe that even though I’m 100 percent covered, God won’t force salvation on me. In various ways, I can turn it down and still lose out on His gift. But that’s something to explore in another post.

“What work I gotta do to make God happy?”—at least happy enough He will save me?


Slaves and employees work. But Paul says we’re not slaves—God has made us His sons and daughters instead. He’s already happy with us.

Picture God smiling as He thinks of you.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Ken,

    Thanks for your thoughts, which are right on. It’s a terrible deception that the devil has tricked many of us into believing. Many kudos for this sentence: “My salvation was accomplished nearly 2000 years before I was born.” Most people (even some who would consider themselves “liberal”) do not understand this.

    Keep preaching the gospel!


  2. I went to one website that said we were created to bring God pleasure. I don’t believe that. If that were true we were created as to be slaves for God…I believe we were created to live freely in his kingdom. As long as we believe, otherwise we choose not to belong in his kingdom (as some have chosen) But, we are here to live in the land of the Lord, Not serve him but please him by respecting him and others who chose to live in his kingdom,


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