God’s Third-Best Gift?

SOME PEOPLE, YOU COULD leave alone for decades—and they’d never do it. Others—you turn your back for five minutes, and they’ve done it twice.

Some people fear it, while others embrace it.

Some people desperately want to but can’t seem to make it happen; others will do almost anything to keep it from happening.

But inevitably, time alone will bring at least some of it.

We’re talking, of course, about…..change.

I read a book some time ago called What You Can Change—and What You Can’t. True, some things you just can’t change. Your age. Your birthplace. Your gender (well….some do try!). The past. Your parents. Your DNA.

But there’s a lot you can change: things that are within your sovereign free will—your power of choice—to change. Your future doesn’t have to be an extension of your past. You can change your attitudes, your beliefs, your friends, your body, your goals, your habits, your thoughts, and your responses to the bad things life brings.

Why can you change all these things? Because at least for the things you CAN change, change is a function of choice.

You can choose—or not—to love, to believe, to let others control or manipulate you, to be a victim, to be a people-pleaser, to start over new, to do the hard things, to create your own future, or to reach your full potential.

Now, some of these possibilities for change—especially behavioral ones—can be accomplished simply by combining desire with repeated choice translated into action. But some of them—the more “inner” and spiritual changes—can only succeed as God is involved. “For God is working in you, giving you the desire and the power to do what pleases him”—Phil. 2:13, NLT.

Choice and change. Inseparably linked. And ultimately, the greatest power any of us has.

I’d rank free choice as perhaps God’s third-best-ever gift—after life itself and salvation. So let’s use it wisely today—but for sure, let’s use it!

I’m going to use it right now to abandon my keyboard here and go take a walk and get some sunshine.


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