Two Updates . . .

FIRST, YOU MIGHT ENJOY the video-clip update my son sent today, to my September 8 post below: “Always Right—Never Wrong: Fast Track to Disaster.”

SECOND, I FINALLY LOCATED an MP3 file of a song to which I referred in my July 21 post entitled “Blessing in the Thorn” (scroll through the July archives to locate it).

A few years ago as I battled cancer, this song by Christian pastor-trio Phillips, Craig, and Dean was one of two that spoke to me as no others did—and gave me hope and strength to go on. The other piece of music was Samuel Barber’s “Adagio”—about which I blogged also in July, the next day, on the 22nd—a video of which is available at the end of that post (see “The Other Side”).

For any who are going through some tough times right now and could use a little comfort and hope, I would so recommend that you go to the end of the July 21 post and listen through the healing words and heartfelt presentation of “Blessing in the Thorn,” by PC&D.


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