The Day the Spin Finally Stops


OK, LET ME JUST GO ON RECORD here that I’m no great fan of Bill O’Reilly. Or Ann Coulter, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, Laura Ingraham, or Michelle Malkin. Or Fox News, for that matter.

Now, if you think these pundits make just tons of good sense, then truly, blessings on you—and I’ll be genuinely happy to live next to you in heaven, anyway! My place will be just to the left of yours!

There’s one tagline O’Reilly uses, though, that sounds good to me: “The No-Spin Zone.” I happen to believe, however, that—along with much of what issues from the arenas of politics, government, and the media—Bill’s show is a prime example of the very spin which he disavows. And again, you may see it differently, but we’re each entitled to our own views.

Spin: a heavily biased and often disingenuous, deceptive, or highly manipulative presentation of “facts” in order to support one’s own viewpoint.

We’ve come to expect spin from politicians of every stripe. And since even the church is comprised of flawed human beings, we realize with regret that spin takes place even in the church.

This can happen when numbers or statistics are used selectively or when successes are overstated or failures suppressed—when information is filtered or “slanted” or embellished. It can happen when “political” calculation drives decisions—when the prime question is not “What is right?” but “How will it play among the tithe-paying or wealthy/influential voting laity?” It can happen when public relations becomes more important than people—when image outweighs integrity.

In Eden, there was no spin.

In the life of Jesus, there was no spin—“no guile.”

In heaven and the New Earth, spin will be unknown. There, everything will be transparent and without calculation.

It would be wonderful if spin were nonexistent in the church and among Christians, to say nothing of the world at large. But alas, spin is just sin with an added letter.

O’Reilly likes to say, “The spin stops here.” If only.

But someday soon, those words will be true…

That day will be when CNN (and yes, presumably Fox News too) throws up a “Breaking News” banner to report a mysterious dark cloud rapidly approaching earth, growing brighter by the minute.


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