Psalm 23, Abby Style

ONE OF THE MOST-VIEWED video clips out there is this one of little Abby reciting Psalm 23. I’m planning a trip soon to see four of my grandchildren—and Abby here has nothing on any of mine! But I’m reminded again that only God could create children to be so irresistible and innocent. The review of Psalm 23 is good for me, too.

Yes, this clip is high in the “cuteness factor,” but I think there’s seriously something to be said for memorizing simple Scripture at a young age. I’m quite confident that I benefited later in life from storing away memory verses while in kindergarten division at church, even before I fully understood everything I was memorizing.

Little children are like sponges—they soak up practically everything. In view of what they too often are allowed to absorb from TV and other avenues of sensory input, they could do far worse than to stash away some Bible verses.


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