Arrest That Calendar for Speeding!

ALL OF US ON THE EDITORIAL staff of Insight magazine abandoned our desks and crowded around a radio somebody had. August 8, 1974. President Richard M. Nixon—only a few miles from where we worked—was resigning his office.

History in the making.

Can somebody please tell me how in thunder it’s been exactly 33 years since that day? Where, indeed, does time go? Half a lifetime, for crying out loud! From a 20-something young editor to a somewhat older guy now (OK, so a senior citizen closing in on retirement), I’m amazed at just how rapidly life slips by.

Then, I was a young father. Now, I’m a grandfather six times over.

Then, I knew that I’d find a way to change the world. Now, I just hope my being here will have made a modest but positive difference.

Then, I believed wholeheartedly in the essential goodness and world moral leadership of my country. Now, I’ve felt betrayal and even cynicism as I’ve seen my nation become an aggressor, engage in torture, and trample on its own Constitution.

Then, I could not possibly know that I’d encounter divorce, cancer, and unexpected career changes down the line. Now, I’ve found the blessings in life’s surprises and learned gratitude for second chances, borrowed time, new beginnings, and a new and cherished relationship.

Yes, life is swift and often uncertain. Definitely impossible to script. And even more definitely, brief.

Up ahead, barring the return of the King, I already see a finish line in the distance growing closer. So what advice do I have for my descendants and all those newer to this earth than I am? Basically, three things.

  • Make your moments really count and be profusely grateful for every one of them.
  • Give away to others—with reckless abandon—all the love and affirmation you possibly can.
  • And de-invest in this short life—build your portfolio for the next one.

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  1. Thanks for your words of wisdom.


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