I’M REALLY FAR MORE accomplished and versatile than most people realize. I’m a corporate consultant, a psychology professor, a screenwriter, a tour organizer, an AMSOIL dealer, a botanist, and a used-car dealer.

I’m vice president of an Internet technologies company, winner of a Texas golf tournament, a race car driver, a life-flight nurse, owner of a travel agency, sales manager at a Ford dealership, and owner of an accounting firm.

I’m an administrative assistant for a county board, a city police superintendent, and until I passed away a while back, I was known as the dean of American speakers.

All this in one lifetime! And oh—I’m also a Christian author, editor, business owner, and neophyte blogger.

According to Google, that’s me: Ken McFarland. All this shows up when I do a search on my own name.

But guess what? What’s really important to me is what Google totally missed—that I’m a scandalously proud father and grandfather, soulmate to an amazing woman, and the son of the Father of us all.

That makes me your brother. Get used to it.


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