“And God Stepped Out on Space…”

AS I’M WRITING THIS, IT’S a long July Friday evening, and the Sabbath is beginning. Earlier this evening, I posted a video of one of my favorite short sermons, by S. M. Lockridge. Here is another—this one a recital of James Weldon Johnson’s (1871-1938) “The Creation,” by Adventist pastor Wintley Phipps.

I first heard of Wintley one summer in 1984 on a getaway to the Oregon Coast, where I spent time overlooking the beach and writing an adult Sabbath School quarterly on the Gospel of John. One evening at my parents’ home there, I watched on TV as he sang at the Democratic National Convention.

Since then, Wintley’s ministry has taken him to the White House to perform for five American presidents, as well as to the Oprah Winfrey Show, the Billy Graham Crusade, and the Vatican, among other venues. Founder of both a music publishing company and a music recording company and twice nominated for Grammy awards, Wintley is also an author, church pastor, and founder of the U.S. Dream Academy—an outreach for at-risk youth.

May Wintley’s narration focus your thoughts on the Creator of us all.



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