He’s There. And He Cares.

THIS MAY COME AS no great revelation—though when immersed in our own set of personal problems, we can sometimes lose sight of it: Every person you know or meet—every person on this planet—is carrying heavy burdens. At any given moment, your own load or mine may be heavier or lighter than others around us. But make no mistake—no one is exempt, and no one escapes. Perfect peace hasn’t existed on earth since before the tragedy in Eden.

Some problems are right out in the open. A life-threatening disease. A marriage come to grief. Financial desperation. Even these burdens, most people at least try to keep under wraps as much as possible. Then there are the internal problems. Damaged self-worth. Runaway anxiety. Negative emotions of fear, resentment, hopelessness, the desire for vengeance.

We’re all damaged goods as the result of sin. We’re riddled with selfishness. So when our own pain fills our whole horizon, and we’re tempted to envy those who seem to have not a care in the world, it’s time for a reality check. The ultra-rich or famous who seem to have it all? Media reports alone should be enough to tell us that many of them battle every day with the dark inner horror that they are unlovable—driving them to anesthetize themselves from this pain with partying and addictions and a frenzied effort literally to buy happiness by spending.

Most people try bravely to wear a mask to hide from others the weight of their burdens—but behind that façade is worry and pain and struggle.

Someday, perfect peace will be restored. Sin will no longer exist. We’ll have exciting challenges, but no burdens that steal our peace. Until then, the two things of which I’ve come to be certain are these:

God is there.
And He cares.

How He chooses to manifest His care in your life or mine, I can’t always be sure. Because of issues in this great controversy between good and evil that are beyond even our ability to comprehend in our fallen condition, many of our questions will remain to be answered till we’re safely on the other side.

But God knows what weighs on you today. He knows what’s going on inside you. And He is not clinical and detached about it. He cares. If He cared enough to give His life to make your eternity possible, He hasn’t since then lost interest. He cares mightily.

It would be a mistake, though, for any of us to assume that because God doesn’t provide total and immediate deliverance from our problems, He doesn’t care. Because He doesn’t answer our prayers in exactly the way we ask or by the time we think He should, we can’t assume He doesn’t care. We can’t push-button God.

I’ve learned that despite what I think God should do for me, I can trust Him in every situation to do the most wise and loving thing for me. Even if that may mean He doesn’t heal me when I pray for healing. Even if He doesn’t rush to refill my bank account when it’s perilously low. Even if He doesn’t seem to be responding when I ask for Him to spare the life of someone I love.

He is too wise to do for me what I think is right—with my limited view of the future and of what’s ultimately best for me. He’s too loving, though, to leave me alone with my burdens. I can always have the sure comfort of His being there with me in the middle of a storm.

As a father, I remember vetoing requests of my own children that I knew were not good for them. I knew more than they did—could see more than they could. And I loved them enough not to give them second-best.

If God is there, it means I am not alone.
If God cares, it means unlimited love is at work for me.

Even though till my last breath, I’ll have to bear my own set of burdens, God’s presence and love will get me through.


One response to this post.

  1. Posted by jahnis on July 22, 2008 at 9:22 pm

    thank you for your post. Its a true fact and it is liberating. u have touched mine heart. Thank you for allowing GOD to use u as an instrument to share to others… Keep blogging… God Bless U


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