My Two Cents

ON A RECENT WEEKEND, I spent some time checking the Adventist blogosphere. What an amazing variety of expression! You’ll see in my Seventh-day Adventist Blogroll to the right more than 100 blogs I’ve found so far … perhaps one of the most complete such lists available. New sites I find will be added to the Newly Discovered Adventist Blogs list for a few days before being added to the main list. The SDA Blogroll contains blogs by or about Adventists—mostly by Adventists but some by others. Many local churches these days have blogs—I’ve chosen not to include those.

In this blog, I have three goals: First, to see things through the “right end of the telescope” (see “About This Blog” above).

Second, to leave it to other blogs in the Blogroll to debate theology and doctrine, social and political issues, and the state of the Church. I do have a lively interest in those things, and they may find their way into my musings as incidental to my primary focus, which I hope will be on the experiential side of spirituality—the relational, if you will: what it means to walk with God.

Third, I hope to weigh in often with “pro-God” comments. Satan & Associates is in the 24/7 business of making God look bad—of slandering Him in every possible way. But you see, God has given me life. He has given me “hope and a future,” as Jeremiah noted in 29:11 of his book. And for these and many other reasons, I want to say good things about Him.

Finally, I hope here to be passionate and genuine in expressing love and appreciation to and for God.

I invite you to respond in comments if you feel so moved.


3 responses to this post.

  1. Thank you, Ken, for joining the “pro-God” bloggers. As you said, it is truly sick how successful Satan & Co. have been in getting their message firmly embedded in the American consciousness. And, if I may boast, who is better positioned than Adventists to promote a thoroughly Biblical and challenging counterpoint to that anti-God, anti-Christian sentiment so popular these days?

    Also, thanks for the link to my blog; I’m honored to be included.

    Keep up the great work!



  2. Posted by Sharon Mary on June 2, 2007 at 9:18 am

    You are a God-ambassador par excellence! Such an inspiration and encouragement for me to be the same. Thank you for sharing the richness of what you have in your heart for Him – with all of us!


  3. Ken, thank you for starting this blog and service. Let me explain. I frequent a lot and I especially like their blogroll because it helps me find favorite blogs when I can’t remember the url or when I’m away from my home computer & its bookmarks.

    Looks like your blog, along with the other content you chose to include in it, will be of great service, as well.

    Thank you also for linking to my blog. I’ve also linked yours to mine.

    I look forward to reading your future posts. God bless.



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